Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Music
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk & Rap
FA/MUSI 1520 6.0

SONG BOOK              
1920-39 1940-49 1950-54 1955-59 1960-64 1965-69 1970-74 1975-80

The Song Book contains a list of about 1,000 songs. We will not play all these songs in class, but we will play a little more than 250. The listening tests are based on songs played in class. These songs are highlighted in BOLD in the listing. We may still play a few songs that are not bolded or not play some bolded songs, but the idea is to give you an indication of which song we intend to or most likely will be played in class.

You should print this Sing Book PDF and bring it with you at each class and check off each song as it is played in class. Remember, you can only be tested on songs played in class. The tests require you to be able to spell the song name and artists name exactly and 100% correctly. This includes punctuation - hyphens, brackets, apostrophes, etc.


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