Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Music
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk & Rap
FA/MUSI 1520 6.0


Participation is worth 25% of your mark - that is more weight than Test 1 and Test 2 combined. These marks are important and you should make every attempt to take full advantage of them. To maximize these marks you must do the participation assignments and participate and interact during the class. This means asking and answering questions. Disrupting the class with audible chatter can work against you and may accumulate negative class participation marks for you. It is imperative that you do not disrupt other students from listening to and following the lecture.



There can be no participation without attendance. Attend the class, follow the lecture and put in your 2 cents.


Participation marks are for actually participating in the class. You are rewarded for asking and/or answering questions - even if you are not 100% correct. If you are shy, we know that this can be a problem, but we still encourage you to get involved in the class.


For those who simply will not talk in class, there is hope in the form of participation assignments that are handed out in class. These are typically due at the beginning of the following class. You must complete these on a single sheet of paper - you can use both sides. They will not be returned but you will receive a credit for doing them. The credit reflects how much effort you put into doing these assignment. Sub-par efforts will certainly be reflected in your mark for each assignment. These assignments can be handed out any time - at the beginning or end of a class. They will not be emailed to students who missed the class. Also there is no credit for absences - regardless of the reason.


At the end of the year, we interview students so that the in-class participation mark can be judged. Please make sure that you are present when this occurs. In a class this size, it is possible that you will receive a 'default' grade for participation if you were not present and we do not know your name.


There is no need to present a doctor's notes to explain absences that caused you to miss a participation assignment. If you missed a participation assignment, you missed it. Doctor's notes will not result in you receiving any remedy for missing these mini assignments.


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