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FA/MUSI 1520 6.0


Class attendance is worth 10% of your mark - that is equivalent to the weight of Test 1. These marks are easy to obtain - it's as simple as signing the attendance register. The attendance register is a sheet of paper that is circulated at the beginning of each class. It has your name, student number and a slot for your signature. When the register gets to you, sign it and pass it on. It's that simple.



The course allows you to gain marks for signing the attendance register. This is circulated during the class so that all students get to sign next to their name. Once the class is over the attendance register cannot be accessed or modified. The time to sign it is during the class. If you forget to sign the register you will not be able to gain credit for this after the class is over. If you missed your chance to sign the register during the class please ensure you sign it at the end.


If you did not attend the class, even if you have a medical or other valid reason, you will not be credited for attendance if you present a doctor's note. Attendance marks are for 'actual attendance.' It doesn't matter why your could not attend. So please do not bring doctor's notes in pursuit of missing attendance marks.


If you enter your initials in the signature area of the attendance form you will receive a mark of zero for that attendance day. The attendance sheet requires a cursive signature showing your full signature and not your initials.


At the end of the school year the attendance register is audited for signature consistency. If you had a signature that is significantly different from the others your entire attendance mark will be set to zero. Each year we discover clear cases where one student signs for another. This is cheating and a fraud against the University. Attendance fraud voids all signatures for the year.


If your name is missing from the attendance register then PRINT and sign your name in the blank lines at the end of the register. At the beginning of the year, it will take a few weeks for the final register to be produced, late enrollments may not be included in the initial registers. Please include your student number as well as a clearly PRINTED name. It is your responsibility to ensure that we can read your name and that you properly identify yourself.


You can't be credited for attendance marks when you were not enrolled. We do not alter the attendance mark calculation to start from the day of enrollment. Those days are simply lost.

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